When Rihanna became public enemy #1

Rihanna’s Tweet

Indian Twitter went berserk on 3rd February 2021. Dozens of the country’s top sportspeople and film stars came out in unison against what they saw as despicable. It wasn’t against the alleged abuse of human rights during the largest protest in history. Instead, it was to defend the country against Rihanna.

You aren’t reading that wrong.

Who knew a single tweet by an American pop star turned businesswoman was such a threat to Indian democracy? People have been burning photos of her in the street and telling her she deserved domestic abuse.

The offending tweet must have been pretty bad…

And it’s relevant to the entire world

By Ravi Choudhary, a photojournalist with Press Trust of India (PTI)

250 million people have gone on strike against new farm laws. For context, that is more people than there are adults in the United States. It is unrelenting with further strikes planned as the situation intensifies. The capital city, Delhi, is surrounded by at least tens of thousands of peaceful protestors. Many have enough supplies to last them the cold winter sleeping under their tractors.

These large numbers can be hard to comprehend and it’s easier to think it’s in a faraway country so doesn’t matter for the West.

That would be wrong.

These farmers who are struggling to make…

Jai Kisaan


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